A New Beginning

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If this is your first time visiting our website, welcome.  If you have visited with us before during our website construction period, thank you for coming back.

Congratulations to you for your inspiration, courage, and for following that drive within you which guided you here and which tells you there is more to life than what you have experienced thus far.

This website is an open door to the Center for Spiritual Living – Mobile, in Mobile, Alabama.  No matter the past religious, ethnic, or cultural experience, we welcome everyone who is seeking to gain greater spiritual insight.

What does it mean to be a spiritual person?  It means recognizing there is a power, greater than our human existence, which created this beautiful universe in which we live from a place of order and balance.  Everything maintains a constant order, from the gravity which holds us steadfast to the earth, to the life cycles of the vegetation, to the food chain of the animal kingdom.  Regardless of the challenges within our individual lives the earth continues to support us by maintaining its balance within the universe.  Centers for Spiritual Living is a global organization and we refer to this universal power by many names.  It matters not what we call it.  What matters is our understanding of it and our relationship with it.  I choose to call this universal power, God.

What we know here is God is a life force which is infused within all things.  It is what guides and nourished the acorn into an oak tree, the animals to their sources of food and safe haven, directs the seasonal changes, and gives life to you and me.  We believe the intention behind life is to provide us all an opportunity to grow and prosper as creative individuals able to contribute our individual talents and kindnesses to our world by positive and peaceful means.

This God life lives within us.  We are a part of it because we were created by it.  God loves us as it loves it’s every creation.  Living a spiritual life means gaining deeper understanding of how each of us works in conjunction with God as we create the lives we desire to experience.  We believe everything and everyone is encompassed within the life and power of God.  We are all one in God’s power and in God’s love.

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