The Center for Spiritual Living in Mobile, Alabama, welcomes all those who are on their individual path of personal spiritual growth and self-discovery.  Our spiritual principles are based on the Science of MindTM /New Thought philosophy which offers a working cosmology—a sense of our individual relationship to God, our place in the universe and a positive, supportive approach to daily living.  It is recognized today as one of the leading viewpoints in modern metaphysics.

Our mission statement, “With love and acceptance, we inspire, awaken, and empower spiritual living,” is the means by which we support one another as we each create our own individual relationship with God.
We believe God expresses through everything and is the only power there is.  “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). This God power gives life to everything and creates balance within nature from the orbit of the planets to the smallest blade of grass.  God holds all things in harmonious relationship and is that intelligences which lives within everything.  It tells the seeds to grow, it regulates our heart beat and our breathing without us having to give these movements any conscious thought.  The life of God is divine and as creations of God we too are divine.  Our center is open to those desiring to create a personal relationship with God based on the principles of a philosophy which teaches us how to think, not what to think.


Center for Spiritual Living-Mobile welcomes everyone, no matter one’s past religious or spiritual education or experience.

All services are held at our center 1230 Montlimar Drive in Mobile (off Airport Blvd.).  Our Sunday service begins at 10:30 AM preceded by a meditation which begins at 10:00 AM. Our service includes music, prayer, and a message aimed at inspiring spiritual growth. There is an opportunity following the service to welcome our visitors and share social time with one another.  We have a youth program available on Sundays which we continue to build.

Our center offers ongoing spiritual classes.  These classes are available to anyone desiring to learn more about the Science of Mind principles and how to use them to create the life experiences you desire.  We offer a variety of speakers and events on Wednesday evenings as well as spiritual movie screenings once a month.  There are opportunities available to be in service to our gulf coast communities as we work in tandem with other non-profit organizations in our city.

The Center for Spiritual Living-Mobile opened its doors in November, 2006 as Conscious Mile Center for Spiritual Living, founded by Dr. David Ault, currently senior minister of the Spiritual Living Center in Atlanta, GA.


Religious Science was founded by Dr. Ernest Holmes in 1927. Dr. Holmes studied science, philosophy, and religion, seeking out the greatest minds in each of these various fields. His goal was to create one practical, usable philosophy that would lead to greater happiness, success, and prosperity in daily life. The result of his studies, Religious Science, synthesizes the profound knowledge of many of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders and thinkers throughout history. It is influenced by both Eastern and Western religious thought, particularly the life and teachings of Jesus and Buddha and the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward, Phineas Quimby and other forward-thinking contemporaries.


Dr. Holmes’ public lecture career started around 1915. He spoke regularly at the Metaphysical Library in Los Angeles where his audiences quickly outgrew the facility. In 1926 his book Science of Mind was published and the Institute of Religious Science was established. By 1930, Dr. Holmes was speaking to overflow audiences on Sunday mornings at the Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. He had a live radio program on CBS. Soon thereafter the first branch of Religious Science opened in Hollywood under the leadership of Dr. Robert Bitzer. This was the start of a worldwide movement now known as Centers for Spiritual Living, or Science of Mind™.

The New Thought Teaching

As a divine being, you are the master of your destiny.

New Thought brings this message to people of all faiths. It is a fresh concept of religion as a life philosophy and a science.  As a philosophy, New Thought presents a practical, down-to-earth way of thinking about the nature of the universe and our relationship to it. More philosophy than religion, it presents principles both mentally stimulating and emotionally satisfying.  As a science, it presents specific and definite ideas which you can demonstrate for yourself and directly experience the benefits in your life.

There is a power for good in the universe greater than you are—and you can use it.

New Thought/Science of Mind™ is a system of mental and spiritual principles, combined with a technique for the application of these principles. It is designed to live and expand consciousness in ways that lead to an even higher order of living. It emphasizes the spiritual connection of all, thus promoting peace and greater harmony at all levels of experience. The consistent application of metaphysical principles results in health, satisfying relationships, enhanced creativity, and prosperity.

Change your thinking and change your life.

New Thought/Science of Mind™ is an open system of thought. Having its origins in the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and other spiritual masters, it grows continually as humankind evolves, drawing on the frontiers of knowledge as well as the wisdom of the ages.