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Knowing the Perfect Presence of God is the Only Reality, this word I now know, accept, and declare as Truth, opens all avenues of healing, of restoration to my natural state of perfection. This absolute knowing extends out into all my worldly affairs.

My mind, body, spirit is integrated so I am awake, alive, aware, and open to revelation. Whatever is necessary to reveal itself to my conscious awareness to live my life as the perfect Spirit I AM, is now known; and this greater awareness causes a shift for the greater in my physicality, my financial affairs, in creativity expressing myself and in my relationships, with myself and others.

Whatever less than ideas that have manifested, I now see them for the falsehoods they represent, release them, and remember the Truth of who I AM-

I individualize the Perfect Presence of God/Mind.
I AM one with The One.

My consciousness is now aligned with this Highest of Truths, which inspires shift in my perspective, causing all of my life to unfold for the highest and best. For I know, to the very core of my Being, now and forevermore,

I AM Perfect Spirit.

And so it is

Rev. Kandace Krapu


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